5 Things to Know About the Winter Solstice


Behold! A year has passed since the great Mayan apocalypse of 2012 — newsflash: we’re all still here — and the winter solstice is again upon us. The solstice marks the shortest day of the year for dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day of the year for those south of the equator. But that doesn’t just mean darkness will cast a great shadow over the Northern Hemisphere. Leading up to the solstice, the sun’s highest point appears closer to horizon each day, which means the days get shorter and the nights get longer. During the solstice, the sun’s position relative to Earth seems to pause (solstice means “stationary sun”), and from that day forward appears to inch northward, meaning more sunlight for those of us in the north. Here’s a look at why you should care about today’s astronomical event.

What is it?
The 23.5 degree tilt in…

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This Is How the Internet Reacted to Beyoncé’s Amazing Surprise Album Drop


Late last night, her highness Beyoncé shocked the Internet by dropping an entire full-length album complete with videos for every single song. It was a total surprise and a brilliant marketing ploy. Instead of spending months pulling cheesy stunts in an effort to build buzz, Beyoncé recognized what she had all along: our complete, unwavering attention and undying dedication to her dazzling artistry. Or something.

Also, the whole thing was so huge it crashed iTunes.

Here are some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the big news.

This guy has his priorities straight:

So does she:

Little shade for the other Destiny’s Child members:

And Jay Z:

And poor Tay Tay!

Lest you thought it was just normals tweeting about Beyonce, celebrities also jumped in on the fray. Demi Lovato appeared to have some sort of Beyhive induced stroke.

Other celebs soon followed:

Of course, not everyone was delighted by the…

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The Hunger Games 2

I never was the kind of girl to really get into series, especially one that I never read or kept up with. But, The Hunger Games has gotten me really intrigued, especially with all of the fun commentary going on. After a 45 minute debate over if Peeta is cool or not, I found some great stuff to back it up. If you like The Hunger Games or have any interest in it at all, you’ll enjoy this:






End of Another Semester

I can’t believe another semester is almost gone and I’m way closer to graduation than I ever was before. With only 3 semesters left and 5 behind me I get more anxious about the future. But, it sure does feel great to cross another assignment or position off my list and prepare for the next. With a successful 16 hours of classes this semester and 2 internships on top of a job and executive position in my sorority I am ready for a much needed break. Next semester will come a lot easier with an internship already secured and knowing I only want to take 12 hours. On top of it I’m ready for another sailing season and to be even more involved than I have in the past three semesters. I’m ready to help UNC rank higher than NCSU and Dook once again. I’m also ready to get prepared for camp again. I’m so excited I’ll be back for another summer. There is no place I feel more accomplished than camp and I’ve definitley needed the positivity back in my life. Camp is a refresher to remind me what is important and what I get so caught up in during the school-year that I simply should not waste my breath worrying about. I’ve got a great family, caring friends, awesome boyfriend and a huge future in sight, but I still never want to grow up.

Watch This Epic Dance-off Between Fan and Usher at Detroit Basketball Game


During a Detroit Pistons home game against the New York Knicks, a young fan Antwain Alexander, 11, and a NBA usher, Shannon Sailes, 46, launched into a dance-off over the Michigan team’s dance cam. A video of the moment has racked up more than 5 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded Nov. 19.

As the young boy broke down his moves for ABC News, “I have the sprinkler, then I like the ooh-kill-’em, then I got the Michael Jackson shoulders move, where he moves side to side, then I have the spin … then I do the wave.”

Sailes, nicknamed “The Dancing Usher,” a regular fixture at home games, is still showering the youngster with praise this morning:

WATCH:NBA Rendition of Jingle Bells

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Now Selfies Can Be Used as Passwords


A new app called FaceCrypt can secure data on your iPhone and iPad using a picture of your face instead of the usual complex alphanumeric password.

There are also optional security features that require users to blink to prove that they are human or to prevent an unauthorized user from holding a photo of the owner up to the phone’s camera to break into the device.

FaceCrypt’s website acknowledges that poor lighting and even new facial hair may impede facial recognition, so if you grew a mustache for Movember, you should probably input a new photo that your device will recognize.

(h/t New York Post)

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Awesome New Digital Billboard Identifies Flight Numbers as The Planes Pass Overhead


Just in time for the holidays, British Airways appears to have put up digital billboards in which a wide-eyed little boy stands up and points at the sky every time a British plane flies overhead and magically rattles off the flight number. Londoners can find them in Chiswick and Piccadilly Circus.

We hope the man who bought a promoted tweet to complain about the airline does not start buying up ad space nearby to counter protest.

(h/t Mashable)

MORE:Man Spends More Than $1,000 to Rant about British Airways

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